Service available :St Mary's Island, Kent & King's Lynn , Norfolk                                                                                                                                                                             

Mastectomy Tattoo Service


I am really passionate about giving people back the visual that they have lost. i have trained with every U.K based medical areola tattooing training course available and made my knowledge fully rounded, with the addition specialist A.R.T areola restorative tattoo training.

Within 2 treatments, without the need for yearly top ups or more trauma caused to already delicate skin, we can achieve a long lasting 3D tattoo. With my 22 yrs tattoo experience with skin and scar tissue, I focus on the artistic side of creating a 3d nipple effect using complimentary natural colours and hues to give you as close to a real nipple look as possible, depending on scar tissue factors.

I believe that you are worth more than a two tone circle that is designed to fade away in less than 18 months. This procedure can be used to treat a fading semi permanent exiting tattoos  to give you the realistic look.

I am able to offer you something more than just a nipple , we can custom create something together that is more fitting to the person you are, anything from hearts or flowers , the only limit is your imagination.


please fill in the contact form, and we can go from there.

What you need to know

if you have any further questions, please ask via the contact form.

When can you get tattooed?

12 months postoperative is the safest amount of healing time before we can apply a tattoo to scars, or over chemo / radiation damage. Once your surgeon is happy with your reconstruction and there are no more scheduled follow ups or revisions/ treatments left that may effect the area. We can then schedule an appointment, everyone will reach this point at different times, so contact me when you are ready.



Initial contact will be made by email or phone, where we can discuss the best time for tattooing and go through any queries you may have. A full consultation will then take place before treatment where surgical history and photo documentation will be taken , procedures and healing explained fully. If you are travelling some distance consultations can happen on the day of the treatment, medical history and photos will need to be sent beforehand. Appointments are available in a private space in St Mary's Island Kent , or in King's Lynn Norfolk.


Bilateral Areola Restoration
One Time Fee – £500

Unilateral Areola Restoration
One Time Fee / £350

Areola Edge Touch-up
One Time Fee – from £75
2 sessions may be necessary to achieve blending. Appointments may be booked 6 -10 weeks apart for safe and adequate healing time between sessions.

* all of the above prices include all appointments and aftercare

Mastectomy Sessions
£100 per hour (a set quote will be given per design, the hourly rate is a guide)
Sessions are often booked at a 4 hour minimum. We work within your comfort to achieve an amazing custom tattoo in a private peaceful atmosphere. Appointments may be booked together individually over time as your budget permits. 4-6 weeks is recommended healing time between Mastectomy Sessions.

Please note i am happy to spread the total payment value over your visits to make it more affordable and available for everyone. Funding for all above treatments is available through the wonderful mastectomy tattooing alliance who fund monthly clinics [spaces are limited please apply via the contact form]